Emptying service

Used Tyre Export

As a leading used tyre supplier, we ship many containers to countries across the world. We usually export the used tyres in a mix of different sizes and we can arrange transport if necessary.
All incoming tyres are inspected and are sorted on quality. All good tyres are then stored in our warehouse. With a total area of more than 10,000 square meters, we can store the used tyres under perfect conditions. Depending on the season, we have up to 100,000 used tyres in stock in our warehouse.

Doubling and tripling tyres

We try to get as many used tyres in the containers as possible. That is why we double and/or triple the tyres. This way we use the container space optimally.

Global Network

Limado sends second hand tyres to countries all over the world. To North and South America, to various African countries but also to European countries and Great Britain. Due to many years of car tyre transport, we have built up a worldwide network of customers.
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Are you interested in buying used tyres? Please contact us via Whatsapp or send an email. We can give you advice and arrange the shipping of the tyres.