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Tyre Collection Service

Our customers can sign up their full tyre container here. Let us know and we will come an pick up the tyres.
Our drivers pick up tyres throughout The Netherlands. Most customers have one of our red tyre containers to store their waste tyres. Our containers are suitable for the storage of the tyres and meet the requirements of the fire insurance.

Our container

You can find our red tyre containers at many of our customers.

Size: 2.30 x 2.30 x 2.30m.


All waste tyres must be processed in a green, environmentally responsible way. RecyBEM is the agency that checks and registers the waste tyres. Limado is a member of RecyBEM and is certified to register the tyre flows and we a regularly checked on our working methods.
Limado Car Tyres is a member of RecyBEM and regulates the waste tyre flows from collection to the recycling process. Our company has a certification for collecting waste tyres in The Netherlands and we are regularly audited on our way of working.
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